Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Qiviut Saves the World!

We (both kids and I) are beginning to emerge from a nasty haze of illness and disease that has plagued us since the holidays.  With 3 out of 4 family members now on antibiotics I hope we've seen the end of this winter's worst bugs.  Oddly enough, the Seattle area has had the mildest and driest winter that I can remember, yet this is the sickest we've been in years.  Go figure.

What's new in 2014?

I've just received my copy of 110 Creations A Sewist's Notebook.  I don't seem to "do" resolutions, but if I was setting myself a goal for both my sewing and my knitting this year, it would be to keep much better track of my makes and knits.  For example, I am currently knitting with the world's most luscious fiber, a yarn that has comforted me through my nasty, ongoing sinus infection.  I give you: qiviut (btw, a great word game word because it uses a q without a u).  This yarn was gifted to me as least 2 Christmas's ago, but it took me until this fall to find a pattern that matched this gorgeous yarn, showcasing the limited yardage I had. The yarn came via my dad and his wife after a trip to Greenland (I know, popular tourist destination).  It is THE most luxurious fiber I have ever felt, and I've actually slowed down the knitting of the cowl in order to savor the experience longer.  This is an experience that I should at least minimally document (you know, in case I get another skein of qiviut to knit with someday!). I have already forgotten how many stitches I can on, and have a fuzzy memory over exactly how long I've had the yarn.  What I'd like to do is write these things down somewhere to keep track of them.  Is that too much to ask myself?

It's the same upstairs in the sewing room.  I am presently in the middle of sewing a Colette Laurel dress, and I've actually forgotten what size I cut out.  "Must write these things down!", I tell myself, but where?  That's the point of my new notebook and my goal of using it.  Let's see if I can keep track of my makes this year!