Monday, December 30, 2013


Whoops, forgot about the blog during the holiday festivities.  Not really, but boy did it get busy this month!  December started with a lot of projects going on at school and at home, then multiple family illnesses, Christmas company arriving - the works!  Not much quiet time :-(.

For what is the only post of the month, and most assuredly the last of the year, I was thinking of laying out what got done for Christmas and what didn't.

Finished List

  • 2 cowls.  The first, a cowl for my brother-in-law's girlfriend.  It's the free Birthday Cowl pattern on Ravelry.  I knit this in Manos silk blend in a turquoise-y colorway.  I knit a 2nd Birthday cowl for my teaching partner in a magenta bamboo/silk blend (she doesn't wear wool).

  • 2 Button-Tab hats, also a free Rav download.  The first one I did in a single skein of Noro Yuzen, a blue/purple/turquoise colorway, and the other hat was a mystery yarn in shades of purple.  The first hat was a stocking stuffer for my sister, and the second hat hasn't gone anywhere yet.  It's on the small side and fits me, but I'm not sure who else it might squeeze on to.  Possibly maybe likely surely it will end up being mine.


  • 21 yards of Christmas-themed pennants!  I used wide bias tape to sew the triangles into, and made 7 3-yard-long sections of pennants.  I gave the one that actually got finished before Christmas away as a stocking stuffer, then I finished the other 6 right after Christmas.  Not sure they should be counted as finished objects for this Christmas, or way early finished items for next year!
  • 3 Superhero capes!  This was my own speedily improvised pattern drawn on a sheet of the Sunday paper on the day before Christmas Eve.  I made one for each of my nephews - ages 7 and 5, and one for my own big girl who's 3.  They seemed to enjoy them even though I didn't get one single picture of either the making or wearing of these.  Doh!  I will have to at least get a picture of C's in action later on.

Unfinished List
  • Hat for my brother-in-law.  After starting the hat twice, losing a bunch of stitches the first time and realizing it was too small the 2nd time, I ended up giving him a wrapped box with several different skeins in it.  That way he got to choose the yarn himself.  I'm about 1/3 of the way through the hat now.

  • I was planning on making 2 of these wrapping paper organizers (found on Pinterest) out of a stool -  one for me, one for my sis.  I bought the stools, I bought fabric, I bought wheels for the bottoms of the stools.  In the end, I still have bags of all the parts, but no organizers.
  • Big, sad unfinished project number 1 is the advent calendar.  I cut, hand-sewed, hand-beaded, and hand-embroidered all the of advent pieces.  Where I fell down was on the background.  What can I say... I PROMISE this will get done before next Christmas!
  • And lastly, for 2 years running I have intended to get a Christmas tree-top angel sewn...and for the 2nd year in a row we have had a bare top to our tree.  It didn't happen in time for Christmas, but I am going to get it done this week before I clean up the sewing room of it's Christmas-themed explosion from the pennants.
Merry belated Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a GREAT New Year!  Love and peace to ALL!

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