Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi all,

Okay, okay. So this blog hasn't been the fabulous, jump right in, crafting party that I expected. What can I say? My inlaws arrived yesterday from the East Coast. We've already been to a baseball game (Mariners won!), we're getting ready for the guys to bike from Seattle to Portland in the annual STP, and my MIL and I are discussing near-future shopping plans. Quite the whirlwind of activity.

What have I done that's actually crafty, you ask? (or really you don't because I'm the only reader of my own blog so far?) I'm working on tracing more paper-piecing pieces for my frog quilt. I decided to start last fall making this quilt for our future children. It helps me think more positively about the future of having children and not get so focused on the road blocks. (We've got a big long story of infertility and pregnancy loss that will probably come out in bits and pieces over time.)

As for the delays in pictures on my blog? I guess I actually need to go get myself a camera so I can take pictures. Geoff and I share one between us (it was actually my gift to him awhile ago), but he always seems to have it. Maybe I'll go get one today so I can take all the pictures I want? Sounds like a plan! I'll be back soon, pictures included!

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