Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learning curve!


Okay, so I have a LOT to learn about blogging. Such as, publish your post before you do anything else because if you so much look at you computer funny while you're posting your whole post vaporizes into computer nothingness in the blink of any eye! Yes, I already wrote one post this morning. GONE! So annoying. Here goes a much abbreviated second post.

1. I did get some more frog quilt squares traced this last week while my inlaws were here. I've made 5 blocks for the quilt so far, traced at least 5 more, and only have 15 more to trace and 20 more to sew. Huge progress wouldn't you say? Okay, I agree that it's not much progress.

2. I set up a sewing corner in my own house! Yeah. DH gave me permission (I would have done it anyway) to bring my newly cleaned/oiled/tuned up machine home. I have a Bernina Artista 185 Quilter's Edition that hasn't seen much action since I bought it more than a few years ago. It's been at my mom's house in her studio because I haven't had room at my house, and, ah, because I haven't been sewing much.
3. I actually used my machine in its new home and sewed last night! Nothing spectacular, but I made a swaddling cloth for my neighbor's new baby.

There has been other progress in my ADHD crafting world, but I am momentarily out of time.

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