Monday, August 12, 2013

Blackberry/Apple Sauce - Yum!!

I've always made plain sauce before, but never a mixed-fruit sauce...why not I wonder?  Last week I was up at Grandma's house to deal with some of the apple abundance (because of the actual summer weather in the Pacific NW the apple's are a few weeks ahead of schedule) and I noticed that the first of the blackberries were also ready. to deal with both fruits at once, I thought.   I asked Grandma if she had ever sauced the two together.

Apple + blackberries = heaven!

Nope, but why not give it a try.  It is AMAZING!!!!  I used transparent apples, cut into quarters (with stems/seeds/skins on), threw it into the stock pot with 1 gallon of blackberries and 3 cups of water.  Cooked over medium heat stirring like the dickens.  When everything was nice and soft (20 min.-ish) I put it through a food mill and into jars.  I use a steam canner (not boiling water bath) and processed for 20 minutes after it was up to temperature.  This steam canner is new this year and boy is it awesome!  It is SO much more efficient than a boiling water canner and much faster to heat up.  Uses lots less water as well.

The color it turned out was fantastically bright.  Much redder in the above pictures, and a lot more purple once it was in the jars and processed.  A side benefit of using the food mill was that it eliminated about 90% of the blackberry seeds.  I have come across a few seeds here and there in the sauce, but not actually that many.  

On Saturday we drove up to Bellingham so Big G could bike to the top of Mount Baker on Sunday morning (more on that later).  We were invited to a annual potluck garden party at a friend's parents house...what to take???  You guessed it - the new sauce.  Angel food cake, blackberry sauce, and whipped cream.  Ah, summer.

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