Saturday, November 9, 2013

Advent Calendar Update - a la Purl Bee

Super fast on this one.  No, I have not blogged every day this month -- oh well!

Just realized that I need to be on a ferry to Seattle in a half hour.  Taking the 2 kids to the Seattle Aquarium to meet a friend while Big G works on the closet/my sewing room project upstairs!!  Yay for progress.

This is where I'm at with the advent calendar embroidery/beading/sequinning.  I started out the week really strong, then didn't get much more done.  A sick Little G meant we headed to Grandma's for daycare instead of more nearby daycare. There isn't usually crafting and blogging time when we stay at Grandma's during the week.

12 (I think) pieces embroidered, 18 more to go.  My advent calendar is going all the way to New Year's  Eve.  The one we grew up with was that way and I like counting down all the way to the New Year. I still need to blanket stitch all the fronts to the back and perhaps add a week bit of stuffing to each to make them a little more dimensional.  We'll see.

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