Sunday, November 3, 2013

FO: Birthday Cowl

Whew, so far so good on NaBloPoMo -- 2 days down! (can I just say that I have to figure out what that stands for every time I use it!?! - not an intuitive acronym!)

My finished, knitted object (FO) is another Birthday Cowl.  I think I've knit this at least 10 times.  It's easy to memorize and takes exactly 1 skein of Manos Silk Blend -- a great and fairly quick gift-knit, although I did keep 1 for me and wear it frequently.  My local yarn shop closed this month (Linda of Linda's Knit & Stitch retired) and I stocked up on a bunch of Manos before the end.  This colorway reminds me of peacocks and is a Christmas present for my brother-in-laws girlfriend.

I tried to photograph this right after typing the above.  Two cameras we own had dead batteries.  I had to steal my phone back from the 3-year old who had earned a few minutes of PBS Kids, then dodge her and Little G as they continuously photo-bombed the pic.  Little G kept coming in for the grab and Big Sis kept shoving him aside and trying to straighten the cowl for Mommy.

Edited to add:  Ha, ha, this didn't get posted yesterday because I started it, couldn't get the pictures downloaded, and then went to bed.  I guess my NaBloPoMo pledge is already kaput!

I still can't get the Birthday Cowl pictures to cooperate.  So here's one last Halloween pic...Big Sis looks like she's got a pumpkin for a head.

Finally, a cowl picture.  The colors are not at all accurate in this picture.  Umm, our rug is definitely gray, not yellow as it looks.
Shooting in a rush...

Let out, as a barrier.

No luck!  Photobombing commences.

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