Friday, July 12, 2013

Grammy arrives!

And so begins the "Grammy period" of the summer!  We're lucky enough to have Grammy staying with us for a few weeks this summer.  Grampy is going on an adventure of his own to St. Petersburg, Russia, Finland, Latvia, and Iceland, so Grammy came out to the West Coast to visit us.  Yay!  Grammy arrived on Wednesday bearing robes for all the ladies.
Cozy pink robes for cool PNW mornings!
Too big Tofino's from afar.
As for sewing...I've finished the Tofino pants except for the waist tie.  Verdict?  Way too huge!  I did measure myself multiple times and consulted the back of the pattern, but I didn't actually measure my pattern pieces.  Lots of ease in this pattern, at least for me.  Plus, not sure I've mentioned this, but with how many pregnancies I've had in the last few years I have gone from a size 0, up to a 14, and back down currently to a  RTW 6/8.  I guess I'm a little hesitant to make things small and always seems to tend toward bigger.  I will absolutely make these again though, but in a smaller size.

What's up next?  I think Tilly and the Button's Miette skirt is next.  I purchased it earlier this week and spent a night taping it together.  That's the first pattern I've bought as a .pdf and taped...and maybe the last.  Taping is not for me.  I think I prefer to pay the extra (as I have with all my other patterns so far) and have it shipped to me as a printed pattern.  I got out the paper cutter and made a lot of quick trims, but NOT my cup of tea, and btw, I LOVE tea!  I am 100% a tea drinker and cannot stand coffee.

Finally, I have moved upstairs to the semi-finished sewing room!  The walls are drywalled and painted, but it's lacking any storage shelves so far, and any of it's permanent cutting/sewing surfaces.  I almost bought a 1940s huge teacher's desk earlier this week, which would have made a kick-ass cutting surface, but it's unlikely that we would have been able to actually get it upstairs :-(.  Plan B is to hit up Ikea for butcher block countertops and build a custom cutting table and sewing/serger desk.

Stairs to the left, sewing table up against banister.
Down the narrowish stairs...
Where the ceiling comes down is where the shelves will be built. 
Shelves all along low wall.

Half bath through the door to the left of the chimney. 
Empty right side of room.  Closets eventually the whole length of the room.
 Hopefully I'll have a completed Miette in a few days - although I've got a busy few days ahead.  This boy has his first birthday party tomorrow!

Then Sunday a ferry ride to Seattle for the Urban Craft Uprising.  This will be my first time, but I've heard it's amazing!  All independent crafter from across the Western U.S.  And then Monday a trip to Seattle again with Grammy and the kids to see Woodland Park Zoo.  Not too much sewing time in there, but maybe a little?

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