Thursday, July 4, 2013

Butterfly Tofino Pants

Boo!  Just lost my last post somehow.  This will be a quick replacement.  Happy 4th to all, we're off to the beach shortly for fireworks and BBQ.

I almost finished a pair of Sewaholic's Tofinos this morning.  I had all the links in my first post.  I'll write this, then see if I can edit the links in after.  All that's left is threading the elastic through the waist casing, hemming them, and finding some black fabric to make the tie out of.  Woot, almost done!

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino Pants & Shorts
Fabric: Enchanted Rainforest, Maywood Studios

I cut a straight size 10 based on my largest measurement.  They're pretty darn big on me.  Probably should have cut an 8, or even a 6.  I'm not too worried though, they're lounge pants after all!  This was my first time adding piping.  Not hard at all.  I am working on improving my finishing techniques - did pretty well on all my seams here, I think.  I will finish these shortly and add a picture of them in use.   A note about the fabric: I bought this in the sale section of Pacific Fabrics...I thought it was really loud and  obnoxious, but perfect for PJ bottoms.  It's grown on me a lot and I went back and bought enough for a skirt yesterday.  Did I mention that one of my science kits I teach in 2nd grade is butterflies?  I don't generally try to match my curriculum, but it's 2nd grade for pete's sake and the kids'll think that I'm the coolest in my butterflies!

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