Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pattern Weights

Ha!  Finally followed through with another Pinterest idea and made my own pattern weights.  I saw this a month or so ago and bought all the stuff, but didn't actually follow through until yesterday.  Little G was napping and big sis was my "helper".  I've been using them to trace a pattern off this morning and I really like both the weight (3 washers) and the nice flat stability of the 2" washer.  I thought they might be too big, but I like them.

 I wrapped 3 washers with leftover 3/8" ribbon I had on hand.  The one thing I did notice is that the washers have a slightly rounded side and a completely flat side with a sharper outer edge.  I made sure that I turned the rounded edge out on both the top and bottom of my stack.  I thought this would be better for delicate fabrics and such.
 I did anywhere between 8 and 10 wraps around the washers then secured it with a very fancy knot.  Done!
 This is what I used.  I bought 2 boxes.  I still have one box to make.  I should end up with 13 pattern weights which seems like a good number.
Putting them to use this morning!  I only have Little G with me this morning.  Big Sis is at Grandma's playing with the cousins.  I take it there was a lot of water and ice cream at Grandma's house...finally we're feeling the summer weather.  I think it might hit 90 today!  That's crazy for us PNWers.

And these are the 2 very busy reasons mom's sewing and crafting go so slowly!

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