Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby bath?

Did I mention we live in a 1918 Craftsman?  Probably not.  Well, this is our kitchen sink.  We don't think it's original, but more likely from the 30s/40s??  I haven't dug into it all that much.  Big G thinks it's great.  Um, not for me.  I am not a fan of shallow sinks (about 5") that hose down my middle every time the water hits a dish.  Baby G, however, thought his impromptu bath in the sink was a party!

Gratuitous cute baby shots.

P.s. He does have hair, it's just white blond and plastered to his head.  He's blonder than either Big G or I was at this age.  I'm was honey blond, but have darkened to a medium brown.  Maybe Baby G will keep his blondness as he gets older.

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