Sunday, June 9, 2013

Felt Crowns ala Pinterest find!

I had a fun and productive Saturday yesterday.  I started out early heading to school to work on report cards and furniture moving and arrangement.  (Note: Long story shortish.  Our school is quite decrepit and old.  We had a ground breaking last week and the day after a construction fence went up closing down our playground for the last 2 weeks of school.  A little over a year from now we will have a new school!  In the interim I went 'shopping' in some retiring teacher's classrooms and scored myself a great u-shaped teaching table.  The downside was that all the furniture swapping has to happen NOW, not after school is out, so that the excess furniture can be more out of the building before construction commences.)

By the time I got home we had a houseguest for the remainder of the day/evening.  A friend's 6 year old needed last minute babysitting so they could go to the Seattle Sounders game (awesome, come-from-behind-winning game by the way!!!!).  While Big G took the 2 bigger kids to the park, Little G and I had a nap and did a little Pinterest browsing.  I came across a fun and simple double-layer felt crown.  How fun and easy!  I pulled out the machine and headed to the basement to find my stash of left-over Halloween costume felt.  I drew out a pattern, cut my first layer of felt, sewed it to a long skinny contrasting layer of felt, stitched around the outline of the cut piece, and finally trimmed away all the excess from the rectangle piece.

I had read on the Pinterest crown that it was easier to just cut out one layer, sew it to a rectangle, then trim the excess, than it was to cut out 2 layers and get them all matched up.  I decided to sew both crowns with contrasting colors of felt: blue/green for our boy guest, and 2 colors of pink for C.  I added one line of decorative stitching for C's crown.  She hasn't taken it off yet, which makes mommy feel happy.

All in all, I was super happy to have taken one of the bazillion Pinterest ideas that I pin and turn around and create it in under an hour!
 The crown is reversible to either the light pink or fuschia side.  C's crown is secured with velcro and should fit for quite awhile.  The blue/green crown I connected with a piece of elastic and is also reversible.  It went home late last night with our houseguest and I didn't get any final pics snapped before bedtime.

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