Thursday, June 27, 2013

100% Pendleton Wool stash enhancement

I was down in Vancouver on Tuesday visiting my cousin and her daughter.  They're family is about to move cross country to Virginia.  They're originally from CA and have been living in WA since January...3 1/2 hours away from us...I hadn't visited yet.  So, I figured I should visit before they left the state.  The kids were super-trouper travelers and slept most of the way South on the highway.  Our plan to take all the kids to the park to play evaporated in the midst of what we call "summer" in Western WA (warmer rain than usual).  I suggested we see if we could squish all 3 car seats across the back of the Subaru and take a short drive.  We ended up at the Pendleton Wool Mill Store in Washougal, WA.  They've been weaving wool fabric there since the 1860s, I think the sign said.  I've been visiting since I was a toddler...H-A-T-E-D stopping there as a kid, now I inflict it upon my own kids!

The fabric area had gotten smaller and smaller every time I go and the RTW clothing has greatly expanded.  In the one tiny corner of yardage that remained I did find 3 rolling bins of remnants, some as big as 5 yards, that were all $5.99 a yard.  I ended up with 9 pieces of fabric, all 100% wool, all 60" wide.

 These 4 are the lightest way of the pieces.  Probably shirting-type weight?  Anyway clockwise from the top-left are a brown/blue plaid, a medium gray with darker gray and rust plaid stripes, a black/white plaid (looks gray in the picture) and a heathered tan-colored piece.
These 3 pieces are somewhat heavier in weight.  The top is an antique white solid, the bottom right is a blue/gray/black plaid that I do remember is washable, and the bottom left is a dark gray.
These 2 pieces are wool crepe.  The top is close to a deep purple and is quite a small piece, a little over 1/2 a yard.  I have plans for that to become a jumper for C for Lad & Lassie Lead at the county fair in August...she'll have to learn to lead a sheep around before that.  The bottom piece is solid black crepe, 3 yards.  I'm kicking myself because they were 5 yards of the piece and I took only 3.  Why didn't I just get all??  Duh!

The 2 kiddoes are telling me it's lunch time...

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