Sunday, June 16, 2013

A trip to the zoo and all the rest of life

This is a crazy time, and I'm just barely staying afloat.  There are 2 more days of school to get through, then report cards and classroom cleaning and organizing.  I have a new teaching partner so we'll be doing lots of chatting and planning for the next year.  Plus my father-in-law is rather unexpectedly flying in this week for a visit.  We're so glad and excited to have him, but the house isn't really company ready.  That's what today is for...but we are also going camping next weekend and have to get all the camping gear out and in working order.  This will be the first camping trip for all 4 of us.  The tent situation will be interesting.  G and I each have a 1-2 man backing tent, but nothing big enough for all of us.  Being on a budget, I think we're going to put one of us and one kid in each tent.

I'll leave this post with some zoo pictures from last Tuesday.  I went with both kids and a friend and her almost 3-year old to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma.
 C and her friend holding hands as they walked.  Ahhh!
 Cutest baby tiger!

Fitting 3 carseats across the Sportwagon!

Note for future:  Do not go to the zoo on a weekday during the last week of school.  I think there were at least 500 kids on fieldtrips there at the same time as us!  We lost our little friend for a few minutes.  Boy was her mommy (and me too) freaked out.

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