Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A little Mood, a little Rhinebeck

This is quite random, but I wanted to share just a couple of the pieces of fabric from Mood, plus a little something yarny from Rhinebeck that I plan on starting today.  I had planned on photographing all the fabric and putting it in one post, then adding all the Rhinebeck purchases to another post, but I don't actually have everything all in one place.  Some of the things came home in my suitcase and some went to Grammy's house in Syracuse for her to mail out to the West Coast.

These are a few of the fabrics from Mood, NY and from Paron's, both in the Garment District.  The washable stuff is going in to the wash straightaway. Some of them I have ideas for (or at least I knew what I wanted to do with them when I bought them...hopefully I can recreate those thoughts), and some of them I just liked.  I figured if I blogged as much as I remembered about the fabric and patterns I was thinking of then I'd have a record for future sewing.

Wool, double-sided fabric from Paron's.  Black/white & light blue/white.  Winter shorts with contrast something on them? striped cotton voile(?) from Paron's with a silver stripe.


Black wool suiting from Paron's.  Italian wool, normally $45/yd., but I picked it up from the 50% off table.  I was thinking winter shorts.  It was about 1 1/2  yds. of fabric. 

This is a white cotton eyelet with the cutouts outlined in black.  From Mood Fabrics.

Navy blue/gold silk & cotton from Paron's. $22.50/yd. Very drapey, made in Italy. I was thinking an Anna Dress from By Hand London.

White/red/dark gray 100% cotton from Paron's.  Maybe a skirt?  It's a heavier cotton.
Well this isn't what I thought I'd do, but I am going to save my first Rhinebeck knit for another time.  The pictures aren't cooperating for me!

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