Sunday, October 27, 2013

New York Trip, part 1

It's taken me a week to recover from our New York trip (both Upstate and the city).  Saturday, 10/12/13, we got up at the ungodly hour of 2:45am and picked up Uncle Chris by 3:30 so he could drive us to the airport and then take our car back to his place.  The flight was mostly uneventful, except for Little G not wanting to sit still.  Mom had to employ the "straightjacket" maneuver; pinning his arms and legs to his sides in a bear hug while he screamed.  A mere 25 minutes later he fell asleep...then I had to hold him in the same position for the next 4+ hours.  Clara did not sleep a wink, until our 2nd flight right after the pilot announced we would be landing in 5 minutes! The guy in front of her couldn't believe how much she had chatted to herself the WHOLE time...

We spent the first 4 days in Syracuse with Grammy and Grampy.  Apple & pumpkin picking, walks, fall leaves, the MALL, a movie (Gravity - it was awesome!)

Some photos:
Actually this was Central Market in Poulsbo right before we left for NY.  It was just too colorful and I had to add it.

Apple Picking
Riding the cow train in Susie Q.
Feeding the goats.

Family photo op.

Mommy and Little G riding "Flossie"
After the first few days in Syracuse, Big G and I headed down to NYC for a few days on our own. The following Saturday we rented a car at JFK and drove up the Hudson Valley to Rhinebeck, NY to meet up with Grammy and Grampy and the kids, and go the the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  More post to come with NYC details and Rhinebeck sights.

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