Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costume: Macaw Parrot for a 3-year old

This is just a super quick post so I can document my Halloween efforts this year.  I'll have to edit it with better photos after we dress up again tomorrow.  So Big Sis decided she wanted to be a parrot this year.  We already had a great monkey suit for Little G.  Parrot + monkey = jungle theme!  What about mommy and daddy??  Why Jane and Tarzan, of course!

The making of the Macaw:

 Big Sis wore a red sweatsuit underneath.  I added shoulder and arm straps to the underside of the wings.  We also painted a mask from JoAnn's, and added feather trim from the New York trip to the top.

For Mom and Daddy I sewed short tube skirts for both of us out of brown, suede-y fabric from Jo-Ann's.  I cut out the side of Big G's to make it more loincloth-ish.  He thought that was pretty amusing. I cut fringe on the bottom of each "skirt".  For tops I made Big G a kind of sash out of suede-y leopard print fabric.  For my I used the same leopard-print and made a one-shouldered number.  Tights, flats, and messy hair finished off my costume.

No flash on these pics, so we'll have to try again tomorrow on actual Halloween.
I don't know if this year tops our last year's family theme: Under the Sea.  Big Sis was Rainbow Fish, I was a jellyfish, Little G was a baby clam, and Big G was a Geoduck (yep that's a huge clam with a REALLY huge siphon.  It looked exactly like a huge p***s on his head.  He picked it, not me!)  Check out this link if you need a mental image of what I'm talking about: geoduck.  We accomplished the siphon by using a double-layer of ladies thigh-high stockings stuffed with poly-fill.

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