Monday, May 20, 2013

Pattern Enhancement Day#2

My order of sale Vogue patterns arrived in record time.  Wish I had done a more thorough search of the blogosphere and ordered a few additional ones.  Of course, I didn't find the yearly round-up of best patterns on PatternView Central until just this morning.  Oh well.

The 3 patterns from Vogue are:
V8884 - A trench coat with a variety of options
V8903 - A classic shirt dress, buttons all the way down
V1192 - Anne Klein lined dress with side ruching

I'm still waiting on a set of patterns from Sewaholic...not sure which ones I want to start on first!

G. made progress with dry-walling the sewing room this weekend.  He sanded until his arms wanted to fall off, creating a crazy amount of dust!  C. thought Daddy was a ghost, but a funny one, not a scary one.  C. went off to Grandma's this afternoon to play with a little cousin.  We went and bought baby chicks with Grandma today, so the kids were going to help Grandma tuck the new chickies in to their new home.    This is the last week of preschool for C.  It was only one day/week this year, but I guess we have to get ready for going 2 days/week next year in the 3's class.  I'll be teaching 3 days/week next  year, so I'm not sure what we're doing for childcare and getting C. to school on her days.

Little G. is down for his afternoon nap.  I think I'll check HBO Go to see if Game of Thrones Ep. 8 is online and then sit down and knit!  What a treat!

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