Monday, May 27, 2013

Pattern Enhancement x2 - both Knitting and Sewing

Sewing Pattern Enhancement
No surprise about these sewing patterns.  I ordered them the same day as the Vogue patterns, they just took slightly longer to arrive.

They're both Sewaholic patterns.
1. Cambie Dress - light to medium weight wovens.
2. Alma Shirt - light wovens.

I'd say both of these have a slightly 50s, retro vibe, especially if sewing the peter pan collar version of the Alma.  It's funny because G. came home recently from Fremont (Seattle neighborhood) saying he'd seen a store he wanted to take me to with 50s vibe clothing.  He said he thought it was style that would suit me.  Little did he know I'd already beat him to the punch.  We spend Saturday morning in Seattle with the kids at Folklife Festival (super fun and great people watching!), then headed to Fremont for lunch and to check on our family condo.  We visited the 50s, retro clothing, however no way I was going to spend upwards of $200 for a red twill circle skirt.  Can totally make that myself, especially once the sewing room is done.

Which other Sewaholic patterns am I drooling over... almost all of them I think!  Thurlow Trousers, Lonsdale Dress, and especially the Robson Coat!

Knitting Pattern Enhancement
1.  I had pre-ordered Botanical Knits, by Alana Dakos, a few months ago.  While I received the digital copy immediately, the print book just showed up along with an extra pattern for having pre-ordered.  Beautiful patterns!  We're tentatively thinking of a fall trip to New York to visit Big G's parents and possibly to coincide with Rhinebeck - this could be the source of a fall sweater.  My first pick would probably be Twigs and Willows for a fall cardi.

2.  The second book is Amy Herzog's, Knit to Flatter.  I had a B&N gift card to use and had wanted a copy.  I haven't had all that much of a chance to peruse it yet, but I am excited to look into it.  I've been coming around more and more to not just picking up clothes to buy/make because they are o.k., but to really think about what works for me - body shape, style, ability to parent 2 kiddies in, and ability to teach in.  I need to stop buying/wearing/making stuff that is shape and style-less!

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