Monday, May 27, 2013

Thrift Refashion

We happen to live about 2 blocks from a women's/children's thrift store.  It's a pretty hit and miss experience to find stuff for myself or the kids, but sometimes I do see something worth grabbing.  I don't usually buy clothes for the kids that require refashioning (so not worth the energy for the amount of time they'll wear it!), but sometimes I'm drawn to something for myself that needs a little fixing.

First item I grabbed was a deep purple pair of cropped pants from Eddie Bauer.  Ripstop, 100% cotton. They fit just a tad large in the hips, but were quite large in the waist causing a lot of sagging.  Simple fix.  I added a piece of sewn in elastic across the back waist facing, much like toddler pants.  These are perfect for hanging around in this summer, casual BBQing, gardening, etc.

 No before photos, but they fit fine now.  No sagging, not tight, even some nice breathing room thanks to the elastic!  I took about 3 inches out of the waist using the elastic.  I don't know if this method would work if I needed to take out much more.

Comfy pants for less than $7!  Next up is this't been taken apart, but not put back together again.  I couldn't resist the fun butterfly print.  It was several sizes too big, plus being petite it needed some serious hemming.  I'm going to hem it from the waist so that I don't lose any of the motif along the bottom.
Hopefully I'll have a finished skirt next week.  I need to recut the front and back skirt pieces, trim the facing, find a new zipper, and sew it all back together.

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