Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An incredible twice in one week!  It's only because Grandma has the kids and I am home by myself before I go off to have post-birthday dinner.  Yesterday was my 37th... I'm not enjoying the crawl in age towards 40, I think because my self-concept is more that of a late 20-something.  That's when I thought I'd be having kids, as opposed to having the first at 34 and the 2nd at 36.

Tangent ended.  In my lovely alone-time just now I went on an online sewing-pattern-buying-spree!  I think I just ordered 3 patterns straight from Vogue (great sale going on), then 2 patterns from Sewaholic (Alma shirt & ???), and the Miette skirt pattern from Tilly & the Buttons.  That's not all either...I've been blog reading at the same time and have at least 8 more patterns on a list.  I plan on stopping at JoAnn's on my way home from dinner to get a few more.  I figure with the sewing room upstairs almost finished, and my serger almost purchased that the pattern collecting can begin.
Here's the birthday hats from the previous post.  Some are a little worse for wear, but they did all get worn.  Lots went home with folks, but I have about a dozen left for Little G's birthday.  Thanks to my friend Jen for using her Cricut to cut the actual hat.  The animals were cut out using the dicuts at school.

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